Before Boarding

Before traveling, it's crucial to double-check your essential items. For those with hearing loss, hearing aids are a must-bring item, along with their corresponding chargers, drying kits, and cleaning tools. Don't forget to pack them!

Hearing Aids: Carry-On Essential

Hearing aids are a must-carry item for those with hearing loss. Remember not to check them in; it's best to keep them in your carry-on luggage.

Watch out for Echoes During Boarding

For individuals with hearing loss, the overlapping noises and echoes during boarding can be unbearable, potentially causing them to miss important boarding information.

Security Check: No Need to Remove

When passing through airport security, there's no need to remove your hearing aids. You can inform the security personnel in advance about your hearing devices, including hearing aids and cochlear implants. Lowering the volume during the metal detector scan can be helpful, as it won't affect the performance of your hearing aids.

After Boarding

While there is a risk of hearing loss during flight, it won't cause long-term damage. Wearing noise-canceling earplugs can effectively address this issue.

Wearing Hearing Aids on the Plane

During takeoff and landing, when the use of RF transmitters is prohibited, you'll need to disable the wireless function of your hearing aids, putting them in flight mode. However, the normal microphone function can still be used.

Wearing hearing aids can also help alleviate pressure differences in the middle ear, reducing the feeling of ear blockage during the flight.

Activate Noise-Canceling Feature; Opt for Front Seats

If there's crying from infants or turbulence during the flight, or if the engines are particularly loud, you can activate the noise-canceling feature on your hearing aids.

When booking seats, it's preferable to choose seats towards the front of the aircraft, as engine noise is louder towards the back.

Inform Flight Attendants About Your Hearing

Inform the flight attendants in advance about your hearing loss. If necessary, they will provide explanations, such as repeating safety instructions. Always keep your hearing aids nearby; avoid leaving them in the seat pocket in front of you to prevent forgetting them.

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