Wearing hearing aids occasionally, just when you need them—does that work? You've equipped your loved ones with Chosgo hearing aids, but they're not a constant accessory. It's like having reading glasses: they only come out for TV or outings. Before you know it, they've become "drawer hearing aids."

When you use hearing aids, you're essentially providing auditory stimulation to your brain. This stimulation helps keep your brain active and prevents further decline in hearing. Prolonged non-usage may result in a lack of this stimulation, leading to further deterioration in your hearing.

Our ears follow the principle of "use it or lose it." Wearing hearing aids daily increases the utilization of our ears, providing continuous and effective stimulation to the auditory nerves. This maintains the transmission function of these nerves and preserves the brain's ability to recognize, analyze, and process sounds. Especially as you age and experience hearing degradation, not using your ears regularly accelerates their decline. Consistently wearing hearing aids is a practical way to utilize your ears and protect your remaining hearing.

In addition, wearing hearing aids improves communication and participation in social activities. Prolonged non-usage may cause you to miss important conversations and social events, negatively impacting your social life.

Therefore, if you've been fitted with Chosgo hearing aids, it's recommended to wear them regularly. There's an adaptation process to wearing hearing aids—start with lower volume, shorter durations, and quieter environments. Begin in a quiet setting and gradually transition to noisy environments. Daily use of hearing aids facilitates effective compensation for hearing loss, enabling clear language communication, enhancing language discrimination, and effectively preserving and utilizing residual hearing. Consistent and reasonable usage contributes significantly to an improved quality of life.

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