Do you know how essential earwax guards are for hearing aids? It's a game-changer, and here's why – especially with the innovative products from Chosgo. Explore more at Chosgo Hearing.

We all understand that earwax, scientifically known as cerumen, can easily clog hearing aids, leading to issues like silence or damage. That's why the design of hearing aids incorporates earwax guards, strategically positioned at the front of the sound outlet, acting as a shield to protect your hearing aids from potential damage.

Yet, in recent maintenance cases, we've discovered that many users neglect the installation of earwax guards on their hearing aids! Consequently, we feel the need to emphasize the importance of earwax guards.

The Significance of Earwax Guards

Earwax guards serve as crucial protective devices for custom hearing aids. They play a vital role in preventing earwax (commonly known as cerumen) and other debris from entering the inner components of the hearing aids, ensuring the longevity of these delicate internal parts.

Drawbacks of Hearing Aids Without Earwax Guards

Hearing aids without earwax guards can lead to various usage problems, such as low volume, no sound, or deteriorating sound quality.

The absence of earwax guards exposes the speaker outlet of the hearing aids, inevitably coming into contact with ear canal secretions, such as cerumen and oils. Initially, earwax may clog the sound outlet, causing low or no sound. If not addressed, earwax can penetrate deeper, adhering to the receiver (speaker) diaphragm, resulting in distorted or muted sounds. In cases of oily earwax, the corrosive nature of its acidic components can damage the receiver, shortening its lifespan or causing irreversible harm.

Earwax guards, also known as earwax protection screens, act as a barrier against cerumen erosion. It's crucial to regularly use these "little hats" on your hearing aids. If you're unsure how to replace earwax guards, Chosgo provides direct consultation with expert audiologists. Let our specialists guide you through the process for optimal hearing aid care.

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