They say that every journey begins with a single step, and wearing hearing aids for the first time might present a few challenges and discomfort. For many hearing aid users, putting on your hearing aids for the first time marks the start of a new phase. Remember, the unfamiliar sensations you experience at first are only temporary and will improve over time.

All Sounds Will Change

When you put on your Chosgo hearing aids, you'll notice that all sounds change. The sound of speech, footsteps, the running water, and the sounds outside the window – they all transform.

You'll start hearing more, which might be a bit overwhelming initially. Don't worry; these sounds have always been a part of our lives. With time, you'll quickly adapt to these sounds.

Your Voice

Even the sound of your voice will be different. When you have hearing loss, the way you perceive your voice changes. Many people with hearing loss can't hear themselves and might unintentionally start speaking loudly, thinking others can't hear them either.

When you wear Chosgo hearing aids, you might feel like your voice is too loud or coarse. You can control your speaking volume and gradually lower it. After a few adjustments, communicate your real experiences to your hearing care professional to fine-tune your hearing aids for the best results.

Few People Will Notice You're Wearing Hearing Aids

There's a psychological effect known as the spotlight effect, where you assume that everyone in your surroundings will notice your issue, unintentionally making it seem more significant than it is.

You might worry that wearing Chosgo hearing aids will attract too much attention. However, perceptions have evolved significantly, and who would consider wearing hearing aids unusual? There are many discreet in-ear hearing aids available, so you can confidently discuss your hearing aid preferences with your hearing care professional. Others may notice that you can hear better than before.

You Might Forget You're Wearing Hearing Aids

After an adjustment period, you may forget that you're even wearing your hearing aids, whether in-ear or behind-the-ear style. The comfort level will increase over time, and you might even forget that you have your hearing aids on.

Selecting your first pair of Chosgo hearing aids is an exciting experience. Just think about all the sounds you haven't heard in a long time and can now hear. Now you know that there's nothing to worry about when you receive your first hearing aid. If you have any doubts, make sure to communicate with your hearing care professional – the results will keep getting better. Learn about our line of hearing aids at Chosgo, including SmartU rechargeable hearing aids in Cic rechargeable hearing aids for a better hearing experience.