Especially in the scorching summer, sweating becomes inevitable, and some friends may experience an increase in earwax. When selecting and wearing hearing aids, it's crucial to be extra cautious to prevent the devices from being affected by sweat and earwax.

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a. Choose the Right Hearing Aid for Sweating and Earwax

The salt in sweat can corrode the internal components of hearing aids, while earwax (cerumen) can easily block the sound outlets. Failure to clean them in a timely manner may lead to corrosion of internal components, affecting the functionality of the hearing aids. Custom-fit and Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) models, worn inside the ear canal, are more susceptible to cerumen.

For those with excessive sweating and earwax, it is advisable to opt for rechargeable behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids with better sealing. BTE devices, with only ear tips or earmolds in the ear canal, are less affected by earwax and are easier to clean. Additionally, rechargeable BTE devices have no battery compartment door, fewer external seams, and better moisture resistance.

Furthermore, when selecting hearing aids, pay attention to their water and dust resistance levels. The higher the IP rating (Ingress Protection), the better the dust and water resistance. Currently, the highest IP rating for hearing aids is IP68, ensuring optimal dust and water protection.

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a. Practice the "Four Diligences" After Hearing Aid Fitting

Diligent Wiping

For those with excess earwax, gently wipe the external ear canal with a cotton swab before wearing hearing aids. Ensure the ear canal is dry before putting on the devices. Avoid excessive force during the cleaning process to prevent damage to the ear canal skin and eardrum. Pull the cotton swab head loosely to prevent it from scratching the ear canal, then rotate it gently in a circular motion, with a depth not exceeding 1 centimeter.

Diligent Cleaning

Develop a daily habit of cleaning your hearing aids using a clean, soft cloth and a dedicated small brush. Pay attention to cleaning the sound inlet, sound outlet, ventilation holes, battery compartment, and earmolds or ear tips to remove earwax, dust, and other debris. Friends wearing custom-fit and RIC models should clean the wax guard (with the sound outlet facing downward) to ensure normal hearing aid function.

Diligent Drying

After cleaning the hearing aids each night, open the battery compartment (the batteries can remain inside) and place them in a drying box. For those prone to sweating, it is recommended to use an electronic drying product once a week to enhance the drying effect. However, batteries should not be placed in electronic drying products.

Rechargeable hearing aids should not be dried using electronic drying products. Instead, use a regular drying box or place small drying tablets directly inside the charging case for simultaneous charging and drying.

Diligent Maintenance

Consider shortening the intervals between professional maintenance sessions, ideally every one or two months, to conduct a thorough dehumidification cleaning. This helps reduce the failure rate of hearing aids.

Additional Tips for Summer Care

During prolonged outdoor activities or intense physical exercises in the summer, if continuous sweating is anticipated, it is advisable to remove the hearing aids, open the battery compartment door, place them in a drying box, and store them in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or leaving them in a car parked outdoors to prevent heat damage to the hearing aids.

Hearing aids are sensitive electronic devices. In addition to precise fitting, proper daily use, and maintenance are essential to enhance hearing effectiveness and prolong the lifespan of the devices. Choose Chosgo Hearing Aids – your partner for crystal-clear, personalized sound experiences.

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