Do you often experience itchy ears and wonder what might be causing it? Many people instinctively use cotton swabs or ear picks to clean their ears when they itch, but this may not solve the problem and can even harm the eardrum. If you frequently suffer from itchy ears, the first consideration should be the health of your ear canal. Conditions such as fungal external otitis or chronic middle ear infections can lead to itching, often accompanied by oozing from the ear.

What Causes Itchy Ears?

  • External Otitis (Swimmer's Ear): When water enters the ear canal, the local skin becomes moist, reducing the ear canal's resistance. Repeated ear cleaning can damage the skin, allowing pathogens to enter and cause external otitis. Symptoms include discomfort, fullness, and mild pain, especially when chewing.

  • Excessive Earwax: Medically known as cerumen, earwax doesn't usually require special treatment. However, an accumulation that leads to blockage can stimulate the ear canal nerves, causing itching—particularly after bathing or water exposure.

  • Fungal Ear Infections: Fungal invasion of the ear canal can rapidly multiply in suitable conditions, leading to inflammatory changes. It causes itching, fullness, and nighttime discomfort, often with noticeable discharge. Bacterial infections can result in ear canal swelling, pain, and pus discharge.

  • Ear Canal Eczema: Individuals with a tendency for ear discharge or allergy-prone skin may develop eczema in the ear canal. Initially, the ear may become red with small blisters, eventually rupturing and releasing yellow fluid, causing persistent and recurrent itching.

  • Unhealthy Habits: Under normal circumstances, ears shouldn't itch. However, using cotton swabs or ear picks damages the subcutaneous tissues, leading to dry ear canal skin and subsequent itching.

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Tips for Relief:

  • Gently massage or press the earlobe to alleviate itching.
  • Avoid the habit of ear digging, as improper cleaning may lead to infections and affect your hearing.
  • If you notice significant itching or unusual discharge, promptly seek examination and treatment at a reputable medical facility.

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