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More than I hoped for.

I got these Chosgo hearing aids for my brother, and it absolutely made my day when he exclaimed he could finally hear! We had tried other hearing devices, but nothing seemed to work for him. Especially given his recent diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer, seeing him find some happiness with the Chosgo hearing aids is truly priceless. Thank you for providing the best OTC hearing aids and bringing such joy to my brother.

These Chosgo Hearing Aids Are Game Changers

I opted for the hearing aids from Chosgo, and I'm thoroughly impressed. They're discreet, comfortable, and incredibly effective, not to mention the unbeatable price compared to other older models. A friend of mine spent $3500.00 on a pair from a hearing aid store and regretted it, but after switching to Chosgo, they're delighted with the performance and affordability. It's only my first day wearing them, and I'm already experiencing a significant improvement in hearing without the lengthy adjustment period the instructions warned about. It's such a relief to be able to participate in conversations and hear things I've been missing out on for years. Despite my initial hesitation, these Chosgo hearing aids are far less conspicuous than others I've seen people wear. Without a doubt, they're the best OTC hearing aids on the market.


These chosgohearing aids are phenomenal! With severe deafness in one ear and challenges in the other, they've been a game-changer, allowing me to actively engage in conversations. When one of my aids malfunctioned, I reached out to Customer Care. The support was exceptional - not only did they patiently guide me through the cleaning process, providing the necessary tools, but they also stayed on the line throughout to ensure it resolved the issue. And it did! I'm thrilled that I didn't have to go through the hassle of returning them. These are truly the best OTC hearing aids out there.

Can’t believe what I have been missing

I absolutely adore the convenience and effectiveness of ChosgoHearing aids. After recovering from a bout of Covid, I realized my hearing had significantly worsened. Conversations were a struggle, and I constantly had to blast the TV volume to 25-30. When my ChosgoHearing aids arrived, I eagerly tried them out. Placing one in my right ear was a revelation—I could hear exceptionally well. Normal conversations with my husband no longer required him to raise his voice. Trying the left ear, I was astounded to find the TV volume set at 25 was uncomfortably loud—I settled comfortably at 12-15. These OTC hearing aids are impeccably designed; besides vastly improved hearing, I barely notice I'm wearing them. My husband was so impressed, he's ordering his own pair. I wholeheartedly recommend ChosgoHearing to anyone considering OTC hearing aids.

Has definitely helped!

I experienced a stroke in my ear and lost hearing in my right ear. Some of my hearing has returned, but it's not clear. The Chosgohearing aid has been a game-changer for me. Despite not fully restoring my hearing, it has significantly improved my ability to pick up sounds, communicate on the phone, and enjoy music with some degree of clarity. It's incredibly comfortable to wear and hardly noticeable. Moreover, it has helped reduce my tinnitus. Regaining the ability to hear sounds has made me more aware of my surroundings. The device is user-friendly, easy to set up, and lasts the entire day on a single charge. Undoubtedly, the best over-the-counter hearing aid I've come across.

Just fine

I got these hearing aids for apd and it’s hard adjusting to them. The sound quality is only subpar

Unfortunately, the hearing aids were too big to fit in my hearing canal. So I’m having to send them back.

Hearing aides

Cannot say anything
We have not received them.
Is this a scam?

Sorry for the delay in delivery of goods , The courier company: Canada Post, tracking number: 2010555836136078
Please don't worry, we will reschedule the reissue. Send you the latest tracking number to your email.
Thank you

Best so far!

Effortless daily use vs over the ear for Chosgo K23 hearing aids. Very easy to set up. Forget you even have them on and no crackling sounds like others I have tried. Charging is very simple and convenient. Bluetooth connection is used, and the APP operation is extremely simple. It's so convenient for my life. Would recommend, will buy again when next update is available.

As Advertised

Hearing aids arrived as ordered and in good condition. The unboxing was very impressive. Instructions for use were clear. Still getting used to wearing them.

Work great.

Good price. I went up a grade. Am glad I did. The video they offer is really helpful. In addition, it is also equipped with APP, which is easy to operate. I found within a very short period of time these hearing aids were most comfortable with the sound volume indicator allowing exactly what I needed. Chosgo K23 hearing aid is so amazing.

Affordable hearing aids, they’ve changed my life!

I needed help with my hearing. The second my Chosgo K419R hearing aids were on I could hear sounds and that made me smile. Very happy with my purchase. Totally affordable hearing aids.
The hearing aids have made a huge difference in my life. I love them. I’m still working on the correct volume, etc when I’m in a noisy environment. I would purchase them again and again and again. Recommend highly.

Hearings aid

Thank you I received the hearing aids. And I am very happy. Can you send me the difference of price from what I have ordered first. And can you send me a bill with my name on it (Denis Carrier) and my adress. And last the sound tubes are of a shinny silver color. Can you send me an other sound tube pair with a transparent matt color. Tank you. And I forgot you told me that they were going to adjust them with my hearing test that I sent you. I can I verify it was done.

By far the best hearing device on the market.

Small in size but great in sound. Fit was easy, comfortable after trying different pedal designs, my hearing loss is moderate to severe. I can now hear conversations much better and have the ability to stay in the conversation without guessing what was said. Adjustability is great for many situations. Love Chosgo SmartR hearing aids. Great customer service was very helpful.

Great value!

In my opinion these are almost as good as the $6000 ones the audiologist wanted to sell me. Lots of adjustments with the app on my cellphone. I tried a few other OTC brands on amazon but they were not comparable to my V03B hearing aids. The sound clarity I get is unmatched. Its so refreshing to finally find CHOSGO Hearing company with good technology and people genuinely helping their customers solve a big problem (hearing loss). Highly Recommend!

SmartR Smallest Rechargeable OTC Hearing Aids

Great Investment!

Got this for my father and he loved Chosgo SmartU hearing aids so much he wanted me to get a second pair so can have one charging while using the other.
Father Review: Very good quality, very easy to use , short amount of time to fully charge, also they are good for 15+ hours, and they also charge while in the case . Love the product and recommend other people to buy if they are looking for good hearing aids.

Technical problem

The adjusting of the sound isn't good,
It's a problem when putting them in the ear
Consent feed back. Takes a while to get the ringing to stop.

Ease of opration, excellent for my needs.

Tried several hearing aids with multiple functions press switch and found them confusing and complicated. The simple volume adjustment of the Chosgo hearing aid is much simpler and steady.
They fit comfortably in my ears and right away I could hear the TV much clearer on a much reduced volume setting from what I use without the SmartR. I have minimal to moderate hearing loss and the SmartR appears to be perfect for my needs.


I was surprised with CHOSGO SmartR hearing aids and very pleased as soon as I opened the box. Everything that was included and so nicely packaged. Last year, I spent over $900 for some others and they came with 1/4 of the accessories and were no where near as comfortable. I like that I can once again hear sounds so I can be more observant in whats going on around me. Its very comfortable to wear and hardly noticeable. It has also helped to lessen my tinnitus too.

I love them so much!

Now that we are on vacation, I can hear the ocean, the birds, and most importantly, my family. Purchasing this great value hearing aid was probably the best decision I made this year. Not only do they work better than my old expensive hearing aids, but they are also rechargeable and come with a charging case that charges my hearing aids. There is only one word to describe how I feel: ecstatic.

They offer a 45-day money back guarantee and I said I wasn't worried about the risk at all.

No longer higher TV volume, awesome experience!

I can finally lower the TV volume again. Thank so much to Chosgo for making an affordable smartr hearing aid. The battery life is more than expected. Very user friendly. Well worth the money and appears high quality. I recommend it.

Comfortable and Convenient Charging

I recently had the pleasure of trying out this chosgo hearing smartr product, and it has completely transformed my hearing experience. The comfort level is unparalleled, allowing me to wear it with ease throughout the day. What sets it apart is the hassle-free charging system, eliminating the need for batteries. With a simple and convenient charging dock, I can confidently rely on a reliable power source whenever I need it. This innovative feature, combined with exceptional sound quality, makes this hearing aid a hearing loss.

K23 CHOSGO Bluetooth Hearing Aid OTC 5 STARS

One thing I can say is that K23 CHOSGO Bluetooth is browsing the air waves and gathering technologies to make your life better and more fulfilling every day. I made a movie so you could see what the K23 Bluetooth OTC hearing aid is like. Even though I can't fully explain the product, you still need to test this product with great sound quality, and noise cancellation software that accumulates a minimum five stars hearing aid product. After the K23 B.T.- O.T.C. is fitted appropriately in your ear canal, your hearing will return to normal. To answer calls or start your favorite music player, use your hands-free phone. It will help you with your hearing problems in an inconspicuous way. When your relatives eventually cease advising you to lower the speaker volume because they are not deaf like you, you will feel relieved. It is available for a 45-day free trial. I am 64 years old, on a pension, and I am unable to enjoy quality life because of my fixed income. I lost 40% of my hearing and also suffer of Tinnitus ear disease. This device has drastically improved my quality of life. K 23, despite its diminutive stature, packs a powerful punch. In the event that you are traveling in an isolated area and cannot connect to civilization for 4 hours Bluetooth, and 22 hours on regular hearing mode, and an 80-hour charging box, that keeps you the hearing aid charged without a source of power, you can travel without any issues. The K23 hearing aid's online software programs and guidebook are easy to use. You may try this hearing aid for free for 45 days, and get awards too for using this product. The customer support is highly competent and responds quickly. You can modify the volume and programs, and it improved my life. For me, the term CHOSGO conveys the idea to just go for it—you won't regret it. We appreciate the efforts of the entire team that built this K23 B.T.- O.T.C. Please see my video on my YouTube channel where I attempt to describe this K23 CHOSGO Bluetooth rechargeable OTC hearing aid product .
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Love them!

I lost one of my 5500$ hearing aid and broke the left ear hearing aid. Also it was Bluetooth too. I was looking for an alternative for my hearings aids on a short notice. I love K23 bluetooth hearing aids how when I listening to music on my phone and stop the music this automatically picks up the surrounding sounds in my environment. I will never buy regular hearing aids from an audiologist ever again.

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