Many retailers and online stores have investigated and implemented alternative payment options to make it possible for consumers to purchase products despite them not having the cash on hand. These options include flexible financing and monthly installment payment options through third parties.

This takes some financial strain off consumers as it allows them to ‘buy now, pay later’. A few of these third-party apps include Afterpay, Affirm, Klarna, and PayPal (through their own solution called Pay 4).

Chosgo Hearing Aids offers customers the option of paying through Klarna to make the purchase experience easier. Find out more about what Klarna is and how it works below.

What is Klarna?
In 2005 Klarna was founded in Stockholm, Sweden. Since then it expanded its payment solutions to 205,000 merchants in nearly 20 countries and is used by approximately 90 million shoppers. Their promise to consumers is: ‘Klarna is the smoothest & safest way to get what you want today and pay over time. No Catch. Just Klarna.’.

Klarna allows consumers to ‘buy now, pay later’ by securing a small loan for both online and in-store purchases through the Klarna app. There are four different options where customers can pay in 4 interest-free payments, pay in 30 days, get monthly financing or pay immediately with a debit or credit card.
Is a credit check needed?
In some cases Klarna may perform a soft credit check, however, this does not affect your credit score and no minimum credit score is required.
How does Klarna work?
To be able to make use of Klarna you must download the app and set up your account.
Steps to get started with the Klarna app
1. Download the Klarna app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
2. When you open the app you will be prompted to create an account where you will enter your email address. A code will be sent to your email address which you will need to input into the Klarna app to verify your identity.
3. Next you will be prompted to add a phone number to connect to your account. A code will be sent to your number which you will need to input into the app to verify your identity.
4. Next Klarna will ask for your permission to track you. You can deny it.
5. You will be directed to a page to find stores that accept in-store Klarna payments.
6. Tap the back button to get to the Home screen and start exploring the Klarna app.

Using Klarna to buy CHOSGO hearing aids
Consumers can now easily purchase their CHOSGO hearing aids by making use of Klarna as a payment option.
Follow these steps
1.Visit www.chosgohearing.com and choose the hearing aids that fit your needs best.
2.Add your chosgo hearing aids to your cart and go to check out.
3.Complete your details and choose ‘Klarna - Flexible payments’ as your payment option.
4.After clicking “Complete order”, you will be redirected to Klarna to purchase securely.
5.From here you will choose your preferred payment option and add your card details.
6.You will then confirm the amount and complete the payment.

Get to know Klarna’s payment plans
Klarna has made four payment options available: pay in 3 or 4, pay in 30 days, financing and pay now. It’s important to note that each retailer can decide which of these options they want to make available. Klarna bills automatically through the debit or credit card that was used during payment.
Pay in 3 or 4 equal installments
Pay in four equal installments, every two weeks. See legal terms here.
The first installment is due at checkout. This will be the balance divided by four.
There is no interest. Should you be late to pay there will be a fee of up to $7.

Pay in 30 days
Pay the full balance after 30 days. Nothing is due at checkout. See legal terms here.
There is no interest or late fee. Should you not make the full payment you might go into default.

Pay with a small loan ranging from 6 months to 36 months. See legal terms.
Interest ranges from 0% to 29.99%; with 19.99% for standard purchases.
Should you be late to pay there will be a fee of up to $35.

Pay now
Pay with your debit or credit card through the Klarna app. See legal terms.
Pay the full balance at checkout. This option is ideal when you have extra funds and want to close out your loan.

For example:

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