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  • Smallest CIC hearing aids on the market

  • Rechargeable, no more batteries - saves you money

  • Excellent sound quality-natural & wonderful hearing experience

  • Auto noise management - reduce background noise

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  • Moneyback Guarantee

CHOSGO Smart U rechargeable hearing aids for seniors adults, which is digital hearing aid with smallest hearing aids on the market. Best over the counter hearing aids FDA, hearing amplifiers with noise cancelling, medicare In The ear hearing aids with charging base.

Product Features:

  • Smallest CIC hearing aids on the market
  • OTC/FDA Registered Hearing Aids (Pair)
  • Excellent sound quality-natural & wonderful hearing experience
  • 6 program settings ,16 channels and 10 sound levels.
  • Double tapping the earphones to switch programmer
  • One button easy adjust sound levels
  • Auto noise management - reduce distracting background sounds
  • Rechargeable, no more batteries - saves you money.
  • Dual microphones for for better directionality
  • Small Portable (Re)Charging Case - up to 22 hours battery life
  • 45-day risk-free trial & 100% money-back guarantee



It's our 100% satisfaction guaranteed promise to you ! Try CHOSGO OTC Hearing Aids for 45 days and if you're not fully satisfied, return them for a full refund.

Amazing Experience

We are devoting to provide the most perfect hearing experience for people with hearing loss. It is not just a product, but brings people with hearing loss close to their relatives and friends, allows you to talk with them freely.
  • Rechargeable

  • Clearer

  • smaller

  • Hearing professional

  • Smart Assistant

  • Long Battery Life


Smallest Hearing Aids

The unique, only and smallest mini hearing aid, it is almost invisible in your ear canal and no one else can detect its existence.


Advanced Sound Processing

The magnetic charging cases of hearing aid is designed in a stylish way with comfortable feel, exquisite and compact appearance. It is a pocket device.

We just hope you can get closer to people


Step into a World of Amplified Sound

Crafted with precision and innovation, the double-layered petals not only elevate your hearing experience, but immerse yourself in the beauty of amplified sounds while enjoying the stylish design that sets our Ear Domes apart. Rediscover the joy of crystal-clear hearing with a touch of sophistication – because every detail matters.

Battery lifetime

In order to make sure users to communicate with others freely even more than on day, the battery's life time is up to 22 hours. 

The charging box can recharge the hearing aid 4-5 times additionally , that makes you no worries in tour.

After-sales guarantee

45 days money back guarantee if you're not satisfied. Make you without worries, we not only do sales, but also hope to provide you with a full range of services and guarantees in an acceptable price range. Enjoy the best shopping experience.

What's in Box?

  • Left and Right Ear Hearing Aids 
  • 1 Charging Box 
  • 1 Beautiful Gift Box 
  • 1 Charging Plug 
  • 1 Type-c USB Cable 
  • 4 Sizes of Ear Domes (14 in total ) 
  • 1 Cleaning Brush & Replacement Tool Wax Guard(8 in total ) 
  • 1 Warranty Card 
  • 1 Guick Guide 
  • 1 User Guide 
  • 1 Protective Bag


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45 day free trail, 100% money back guarantee


The source of happiness for a family to get together comes from barrier-free communication.

CIC Hearing Aids Smart U with 2-Year Protection Plan

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Mini CIC hearing aids
  • Covers all manufacturer defects 
  • 2-Year Protection:Loss , Theft,Accidental Damage
  • Paid for an Exclusive Member Price, get a new same products. 
  • Free troubleshooting: phone, chat, email support.
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Buying hearing aids the old-fashioned way is complex,expensive and lengthy process.


Purchasing CHOSGO OTC Hearing Aids couldn't be simpler, Cost-effective of OTC hearing aids product. There are just three steps, from start to finish.

Really Sell Directly From The Factory To The Customer

• We are an authentic source production factory, specializing in OEM/ODM services for numerous renowned brands. Our exclusive dedication lies in the meticulous R&D and manufacturing of otc hearing aids. With decades of steadfast experience in the hearing aid industry, our management boasts extensive expertise.  

• Chosgo is an OTC Hearing Aids manufacturer, go directly from the factory to the customer,cutting out the middleman entirely, meaning no audiologist, rent, and other overhead costs. But we still keep the chips needed for the highest quality sound and constantly upgrade the latest technology to get the best quality over-the-counter hearing aids and help you enjoy a better quality of life. So you can save money. 

Free Lifetime Support Our friendly,

For the fastest service email us or use our chat online. Our friendly, professional service team of the hearing aid are always ready.

Have a question? Contact us!

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Weir Weir Za Ze
Hard decision, but so glad I purchased Chosgo

My granddaughter had begun to be frustrated that I asked her to repeat in her quiet, sweet voice what she was saying. I bought these based on others reviews and ratings. Other than being thrilled that I will be able to better hear, and join in, my family’s conversations, I’m looking forward to being able to hear in group settings such as eating out with friends. The SmartU hearing aid is covered by my hair and no one will realize I’m wearing it. Also, the TV volume which once was turned up is much too loud. now,How wonderful!THANK YOU CHOSGO..

post john
Good product SmartU

I have worn other, more-pricier hearing aids in the past but I think this is better than those I had that had more unnecessary bells and whistles. It also is less fragile and more sturdy that my other fancy onesI. Smart U is a standard, good product, it is the samllest as eagor6 . (I’ve only had them around 2 weeks) and the instructions are simple and easy to understand. The recharger that comes with the aids is very easy to use and I like that I don’t have to scramble after those little hearing batteries .Thank God they’ve made hearing aids available over-the-counter now and much more affordable. This is a good product.
so. It sure beats having to go to the audiologist and paying a charge for having them serviced when you can do it all yourself.

Povlakek su
First time using, already helps

very positive! I made my purchase based on the amount of positive reviews for OTC hearing aids. While I preferred an aid that did not have the large piece on the b ounds so loud and I suddenly can hear the washing machine, but the small info booklet really walks you through the initial experience - advocating patience as your brain gets used to the new sounds you can hear and you can easily learn to how to wear, charge, and take care of the hearing aid.

I definitely like having a rechargeable version. special double tapping can change the program,that is so cool .it easy to feel and use.

Rawlin Mackey
Smart U OTC hearing aides perfect

I am extremely pleased with my Smart U OTC hearing aides and am happy to sing the praises on such a great product in the hope that others would benefit from them. I hear sounds that I haven’t heard in years. These are true hearing aides not just amplifiers and can be customized to your needs.
I got my initial hearing aids from the ads on Google.. I was careful to only try those that were returnable if I did not like them.. I think I tried 4 or 5 before I realized how different the products were. I returned them all for various reasons but also because I did not want to admit I had a NEED any hearing device. It was my mumbling family members if they would just talk slower and look at me when they talked all would be well. It was not well. I had to guess at what was being said and I found myself being less content in family gatherings because I could not understand what was going on. OK I finally admitted it to myself.. I NEEDED to get a hearing aid.. but they cost so much money.. still I tried several different ones.. even purchased a couple (non returnable oops). I did learn a bit however about what choices worked well for me.. I could not handle the small batteries.. If one dropped and I could not find it.. my dog might.. danger !! they could kill her.. so it has to be re-chargeable.. Whew one hurdle decided and there were several difference still out there ..lastly I found the Smart U– I did not think they would help me and so very small.. they were to small and how would I handle them.. my hands are not what they used to be.. but they were battery free.. but I happen to like the odd new – modern stuff – I decided to try them..
Was I surprised when they came.. cute and large enough even for my hands but very very small.. they hid my need… they are rechargeable...
they adjust sound so easy so that double tapping hearing aids can switch the program environments.These Smart U’s were perfect.. and they worked so well I did not even use the app that allows you to adjust the noise volume.. easy peasy .. and hidden.. all things I liked.

Martin King
Good value for money

I've only been wearing these for a week, but I'm happy with them so far. Sound quality is very good, much better than the older Eargo5's I've had previously. They're comfortable enough in the ear and there's a very good range of volume adjustment. The different programs make a difference in different environments and the compression works well with loud sounds. One downside is that, like the Eargos, loud sounds will sometimes change the program, so you have to tap your ear a lot to cycle back through to where you were. Overall, I'm very happy with them so far.


Ask a Question
  • Are There Any Restrictions On Wearing Chosgo Hearing Aids?

    Our hearing aids are over-the-counter hearing aids, as long as there is hearing loss and you are not a minor.

  • What\'s So Special About Smart U Hearing Aids?

    Chosgo OTC hearing aids as smallest on the market are designed nearly invisible in the ear canal, they are very discreet.

  • How Do Smart U Hearing Aids Work?

    Smart U features advanced sound processing technology that enhances speech and sound clarity. It is able to fit past the second bend of the ear canal, making it virtually invisible. Because of the deep insertion, the IIC is also able to utilize natural acoustics for optimal sound quality.

  • I Have Severe Hearing Loss My Question Is This Hearing Is Good For Me?

    Yes,it's good for mild to severe hearing loss.it's smallest on the hearing aids market.comfortable to wear,invisible in the canal.Easy to use,perfect the sound.

  • How Good Are The Sound Limiters In These Hearing Aids?

    The sound limiters in hearing aids vary depending on the model. However, most OTC hearing aids have built-in features to protect against loud sounds and prevent discomfort or pain. For example,The Smart U and V402R model hearing aids have automatic volume adjustments that reduce the amplification of loud sounds. Some also have compression technology that can reduce the volume of loud sounds while maintaining the overall clarity of speech and other important sounds.

  • How Can I Adjust My Hearing Aids For Optimal Hearing?

    DoubleTapping the earphones can be quickly switch 6-style Sound Program Environments. One button is simple to adjust the volume levels, without any complicated operation.

  • Will Smart U Be Exposed To The Outside World? Will Others Notice?

    Our smart U CIC hearing aid is currently the smallest hearing aid on the market. One of its features is that it is small enough to be worn comfortably and not easy to be found. The hearing devices come with different sized eardomes to meet different people need, so you can easily choose your personal perfect fit.

  • Are Chosgo CIC Smart U Hearing Aids Over-The-Counter?

    Yes, the hearing aids we sell are categorized as over-the-counter (OTC). No matter which combination of model and Care & Protection Package you choose, our devices are compliant with the FDA's medical device regulations for OTC hearing aids.

  • Can I Wear Glasses With These Hearing Aids?

    You sure can! Many of our customers wear hearing aids and glasses together comfortably. While there may be an adjustment period, a properly fitting hearing aid will stay put. Our tip is to avoid glasses with particularly thicker arms.

  • How Are Your Prices So Low?

    Our products are sold directly from the factory to the user, without any price difference from middlemen. Not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the efficiency of pre-sales and after-sales service is more guaranteed.

  • So far, the hearing aids I have worn in the past had horrible sound limitations to them. One set I wore almost deafened me when a fire drill went off with one of the sirens above my head, magnifying the sound 10 times the volume, causing excruciating pain to my eardrums. I still suffer from the tinnitus it left me with. How good are the sound limiters in these hearing aids?

    I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience with hearing aids in the past. The sound limiters in hearing aids vary depending on the model. However, most OTC hearing aids have built-in features to protect against loud sounds and prevent discomfort or pain.

    For example,The Smart U and V402R model hearing aids have automatic volume adjustments that reduce the amplification of loud sounds. Some also have compression technology that can reduce the volume of loud sounds while maintaining the overall clarity of speech and other important sounds. Additionally, the V03B model hearing aids come with customizable settings that can be adjusted by a hearing healthcare professional to meet individual needs and preferences.
    I hope this information is helpful!

  • I have severe hearing loss my question is this hearing is good for me

    Yes,it's good for mild to severe hearing loss.it's smallest on the hearing aids market.comfortable to wear,invisible in the canal.Easy to use,perfect the sound.

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