Feeling like your ears are blocked? Wondering if you should still wear hearing aids? In our discussions with fellow listeners, we've noticed that many first-time hearing aid users have experienced a sensation of their ears feeling stuffy or blocked when wearing hearing aids. It's a common concern that might make you consider giving up on wearing hearing aids.

However, there are various solutions to address this feeling, and there's no need to abandon the use of hearing aids. Today, we'll talk about how to bid farewell to the blocked ear effect. And, we'll introduce you to some excellent hearing aid options from Chosgo, a leading brand in the field. Check out their range of hearing aids at Chosgo Hearing.

Why does the blocked ear sensation happen?

When you wear hearing aids, especially custom-fit ones, they create a sealed, air-filled space inside the ear canal.

The reduced volume in the ear canal causes your own voice, vibrating through the skull, to resonate more in the smaller space. This results in low-frequency resonance in the ear canal, making your voice sound louder, muffled, echoey, or even distorted.

How can you alleviate the blocked ear effect?

  1. Opt for open-fit hearing aids: Choose hearing aids with an external receiver or open-fit hearing aids. These have open ear molds that allow the escape of excess low-frequency components, effectively solving the issue of the blocked ear feeling.
  1. Adjust the vent size of the hearing aid: Increasing the inner diameter and shortening the length of the vent in the hearing aid can shift the low-frequency cutoff frequency upward, reducing the extent of low-frequency attenuation and alleviating the blocked ear effect.

  2. Fine-tune by a professional: Have a professional hearing care specialist fine-tune your hearing aids. Through precise adjustments, they can reduce the energy of low-frequency sounds, providing some relief from the blocked ear effect.

  1. Allow for adaptation time: Similar to getting used to dental braces or eyeglasses, wearing hearing aids may initially feel like a foreign sensation. This is entirely normal. With time, as you wear the hearing aids more, the discomfort will gradually disappear, and you'll adapt to the new sounds.

Remember, when dealing with hearing loss, wearing hearing aids is the most effective rehabilitation method. While you may encounter some minor issues during the adjustment period, don't lose confidence. As long as you choose a professional hearing care center, their specialists will patiently address each concern. For a range of high-quality hearing aids, explore Chosgo Hearing Aids, including the innovative SmartU Rechargeable Hearing Aids.