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CIC Hearing Aids

What is a CIC Hearing Aids, Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids have a tiny removal handle exposed just outside the ear canal.
CIC hearing aids, being away from interference, leverage the full canal design, allowing your ears to utilize their natural function of capturing external sounds and directly transmitting them to the microphone within the ear canal. As the device is close to the eardrum, sound is transmitted in a more natural way, enabling the hearing aid to better identify the source of sounds and provide clear, high-quality sound.
Popular options for canal hearing aids include In-the-canal (ITC), Completely-in-the-canal (CIC), and Invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aids. These discreet, compact devices are suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.

SmartR Smallest Rechargeable OTC Hearing Aids

$399.00 $1,199.00

K23 Bluetooth OTC Hearing Aids

$599.00 $1,499.00

K419R CIC Digital Hearing Aids

$219.00 $359.00
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  •  beige

K19R Rechargeable OTC $99 Hearing Aids

$99.00 $279.00
  •  K19R
  •  K18R
  •  K17R

K19R Rechargeable CIC Hearing Aids with 2-Year Protection Plan

  •  K19R-2Y
  •  K18R-2Y
  •  K17R-2Y

K419R CIC Digital Hearing Aids With 2-Year Protection Plan

  •  BEIGE



It’s our 100% satisfaction guaranteed promise to you! Try Chosgo Hearing Aids for 45 days and if you’re not fully satisfied, return them for a full refund.

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  • We are an authentic source production factory, specializing in OEM/ODM services for numerous renowned brands.
  •  Chosgo is an OTC Hearing Aids manufacturer, go directly from the factory to the customer,cutting out the middleman entirely, meaning no audiologist, rent, and other overhead costs. But we still keep the chips needed for the highest quality sound and constantly upgrade the latest technology to get the best quality over-the-counter hearing aids and help you enjoy a better quality of life. So you can save money.

Why say "Yes" to CIC Hearing Aids

If you are looking for a comfortable and almost invisible hearing aid, the Completely-in-Canal (CIC) design is indeed very suitable.
Subtle and Hard to Detect:
Only a small removal handle is visible in the outer ear, with the rest of the device completely hidden in the ear canal.
Natural Sound:
CIC hearing aids, being away from interference, provide an incredibly natural, clear, and high-quality sound by directly transmitting sound to the eardrum.
Reduced Occlusion Effect:
The occlusion effect, where some hearing aids block the ear canal, leading to self-generated sounds like chewing or speaking, is minimized with CIC.
Compatibility with Accessories:
As CIC hearing aids are situated in the ear canal, they won't interfere or tangle with glasses or masks.
CIC Hearing Aids with Bluetooth Capabilities:
Products like Chosgo K23 with Bluetooth connectivity offer convenient features such as answering phone calls and streaming music audio, making them user-friendly, just like wearing Apple earphones.
Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss:
Ideal for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, CIC hearing aids suit individuals who prioritize protecting their hearing health.
CHOSGO provides advanced technology with high sound quality and cutting-edge Bluetooth features in the smallest hearing aid on the market, SMARTU, at an affordable price.
Comparison with Other Designs:
CIC hearing aids are excellent for those who prefer to maintain the appearance of not wearing a hearing aid. They are virtually invisible to onlookers.

However, the smaller size might mean less powerful amplification, making them less suitable for those with flexibility issues or more severe hearing loss.
Drawbacks of CIC:
Lower Power:
Due to limited space, CIC hearing aids may not amplify sound as much as larger devices, making them less suitable for individuals with severe hearing loss.
Challenging to Handle:
The small design of CIC hearing aids can make removal and volume adjustments (for non-Bluetooth CIC products) more difficult, especially for those with mobility issues.
Adaptation Time:
Since CIC hearing aids sit completely in the ear, contact with the ear canal requires some time for adaptation.
What is the cost of cic hearing aid?

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