We all know that the key to fitting hearing aids lies in communication with the audiologist and repeated trial listening to prototypes to adjust the hearing aid to suit one's preferences.

So, how can you choose the right hearing aid for yourself? How can you determine the necessary features based on your actual needs?

Start with a Hearing Test to Understand Your Hearing Loss Situation

Just like getting an eye exam before getting glasses, it's crucial to check your hearing before getting hearing aids. Audiologists will suggest and assist us in choosing the type of hearing aid based on each person's level of hearing loss.

Only by selecting the appropriate type of hearing aid on this basis can we then match the listening features to our own listening habits.

Determine Your Listening Needs to Match Corresponding Features

When choosing hearing aids, start with your actual needs. We usually recommend users to personalize their hearing aids based on their age, environment, lifestyle, work scenarios, and economic status.

The following perspectives can help you make the main considerations.


Do you often go to noisy outdoor places?

Frequent visits to the bustling market, enjoying shopping with friends, or socializing in noisy restaurants – if you need to hear conversations clearly in noisy environments, you may require a feature that can independently process speech and environmental sounds, providing clear distinction and easy perception of both.


Do you often listen to music or watch short videos?

Whether it's for work or leisure, if you frequently listen to music, watch short videos, TV, or movies, Bluetooth connectivity is a must-have feature.


Do you often need to answer calls?

Many seniors like to multitask, doing chores while chatting on the phone, and holding onto the phone can be cumbersome. Hands-free calling and touch control features can make their lives easier.

Simply tap a button on the hearing aid to answer or end a call, freeing up your hands, turning your hearing aid into a Bluetooth headset, allowing you to chop vegetables while chatting on the phone without holding the device.


Do you want your hearing aids to be more aesthetically pleasing and discreet?

Does your rich and leisurely retirement life make you desire a more comfortable and discreet hearing aid? If you expect your hearing aid to be more invisible for vibrant social interactions, a custom-fit, snugly-worn hearing aid is more suitable for you!


Do you often travel or go on business trips?

If frequent business trips or spontaneous travel are part of your lifestyle, rechargeable functionality can save you a lot of hassle.

Choose a convenient, compact, and discreet rechargeable hearing aid, equipped with a charging case that functions like a power bank. Charge your hearing aid anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need to carry and replace batteries.

By combining your actual lifestyle habits and actively communicating with the audiologist, you can determine the appropriate features for your hearing aid, allowing you to hear better.

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