OTC (over-the-counter)hearing aids are FDA-regulated medical devices that can be purchased without a hearing test, prescription or appointment with an audiologist.Who are OTC hearing aids for? For adults 18 years of age and older with mild to moderate hearing loss. Traditional hearing aids are expensive and cumbersome to purchase, making it difficult for many Americans to receive timely treatment for their hearing loss.
OTC hearing aids offer a great deal of convenience for people with hearing loss and can help reduce the risk of hearing loss-related illnesses. Before buying OTC over-the-counter hearing aids, you need to know the things in advance. Please refer to 2023 Best OTC Hearing Aids reviews and related features.

  • The Smallest Hearing Aid

The Smallest Hearing Aid

Smart U Rechargeable Hearing Aids

✔Virtually Invisible
OTC/FDA Registered

6 program settings
16 channels and 10 sound levels.
Easy to adjust
Auto noise management
Dual microphones
Up to 22 hours battery life

  • Best Bluetooth Controls

Best Bluetooth Controls

RIC V03B Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth APP control
Background Noise Reduction
Nearly Invisible
Four (4) program settings
Auto noise management
Dual microphones
Easy up / down volume

  • Best Affordable Hearing Aids

Best Affordable Hearing Aids

CIC K419R Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Lightweight & comfortable
Excellent sound quality
Nearly invisible
Intelligent noise reduction
Scenes switchable
Adaptive feedback suppression
8 volume levels and Digital 4-channel
Up to 24 hours of use

There are Some Pros and Cons of Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

  • More convenient and less expensive than prescription hearing aids
  • No audiologist needed for physical exams, prescriptions or fitting adjustments
  • We provide customized services. You can contact us directly to get the hearing aid that is most suitable for you.


  • Can only treat mild to moderate hearing loss in adults 18 and older
  • Less personalized care and in-person visits from audiologists.

If you choose to see an audiologist, if you have your hearing test form and then contact us(email:support@chosgohearing.com), we offer customization and you will get a hearing aid that really works perfectly for you.