Do all hearing aids come with Bluetooth? What are Bluetooth hearing aids?


Bluetooth hearing aids connect wirelessly to other compatible Bluetooth devices, but streaming capabilities depend on the make and model of the hearing aid.

This type of technology unlocks many hearing aid features, such as connecting to a smartphone app to control sound or pairing with a TV to listen to programs.

Expect to spend between $699 and $7,500 per pair for Bluetooth-enabled hardware.

What are Bluetooth hearing aids?

Bluetooth hearing aids communicate wirelessly with other Bluetooth-enabled devices by exchanging radio frequencies to transmit audio to your ears. They can connect to your smartphone, laptop, TV, or intermediary device ⓘ (usually available through prescription or over-the-counter hearing aid retailers) so that you can conveniently control the audio, listen to music, or take phone calls.

Pros and cons of Bluetooth hearing aids, will it be better than regular models?

  1. some Bluetooth hearing aids are able to make sound adjustments on your cell phone and even allow audiologists to make remote adjustments
  2. Answer phone calls and play music through the hearing aid. If the hearing aid is lost, many models have a "Find My Hearing Aid" function.
  3. Bluetooth connectivity makes it easier to operate directly from your smartphone.


  1. More expensive than non-Bluetooth options
  2. Bluetooth can drain battery life or battery life very quickly.
  3. Due to size constraints, connectivity issues may occur if not found in many discrete models (e.g., IIC styles)

5 Ways Bluetooth® Hearing Aids Make Life Easier

Bluetooth® hearing aids can be used for a wide range of activities by connecting remotely to the following devices, turning your hearing aids into wireless headphones.

  1. Being able to make phone calls directly
  2. Playing videos and other types of audio, which is extremely convenient
  3. Listen to music and podcasts with your hearing aids
  4. Enjoy extra high-quality hearing on top of your regular hearing aids.
  5. Mobile apps designed specifically for Bluetooth® hearing aids for easier operation.

How much do Bluetooth hearing aids cost?

Among the best hearing aids on the market, those with Bluetooth connectivity cost between $500 and $8,000 per pair. Regular hearing aids cost between $100 and $8,000 per pair, while Bluetooth hearing aids are more expensive.

If you're looking for an affordable Bluetooth streaming OTC option, consider that the CHosgo V03B hearing aids offers Bluetooth streaming and costs only $399 per pair.

A mobile app is also available for download, making it easier to operate and easily adjust for the optimal hearing aid.