Depression caused by hearing loss? Unbelievable!

Is your usually lively mom becoming more reserved?

Is your always optimistic dad getting irritated with a few words?

Is it just a surface-level emotional issue? If you want to find the cause, don't overlook hearing as the trigger.

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  1. Can't Hear Clearly

    Profound Impact on Mental Well-being

    Blindness isolates people from things; deafness isolates people from people. According to a study published in the "Journal of Public Health," if you let your hearing loss situation go unchecked, whether it's mild or severe, you may already be suffering from varying degrees of psychological or mental disorders.

    🔴 Anxiety Phase

    Initial awareness of hearing loss accompanies social difficulties, even facing jokes about being "hard of hearing" or "deaf."

    🔴 Depression Phase

    Sink into an "isolated" state, where inner emotions can't be expressed, no one listens, gradually falling into a depressive state. At this point, individuals with hearing loss often blame themselves and regret not taking intervention measures earlier.

    🔴 Withdrawal Phase

    Typically, with severe hearing loss, speech discrimination is greatly reduced, and individuals with hearing loss may also experience memory decline. Due to communication difficulties, some individuals with hearing loss may become irritable and easily angered. Without intervention, the risk of Alzheimer's disease increases.

  2. Parents Feeling Low and Depressed?

    Likely Caused by Hearing Loss

    Over 1 in 10 people with hearing loss suffer from depression, nearly twice the probability of depression in the general population (6%). Don't underestimate the fatigue and anxiety caused by unclear hearing. Over time, not only can the feelings of loneliness and depression persist, but cognitive abilities may also gradually decline, making older adults more susceptible to dementia.

    🔴 Untreated Hearing Loss Increases Dementia Risk

    The more severe the hearing loss, the higher the risk of developing dementia. Compared to individuals with normal hearing, those with moderate hearing loss have a threefold higher risk of developing dementia.

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