In most cases, hearing loss sneaks up on you. One day, you suddenly realize you can't hear the hum of the refrigerator or the chirping of birds anymore.

On average, people wait seven years from the discovery of hearing loss to seeking hearing intervention. During this time, many simply wait for their hearing problems to disappear, but that doesn't happen.

Untreated hearing loss can seriously impact your quality of life. Moreover, because hearing loss prevents the effective use of auditory pathways, the brain's speech center doesn't receive sound stimulation. Therefore, not hearing sounds for an extended period can affect the brain's ability to remember everyday common sounds.

When the auditory nerve ceases to transmit sound signals to the brain, the brain gradually "forgets" the sounds and becomes unable to comprehend them over time.

Memory Weakens

The brain's speech center only stores sounds and noises for about three years. As hearing loss progresses, auditory memory starts to fade, becoming increasingly fuzzy after about seven years.

Hence, when you notice that you're losing some of your hearing, it's crucial to get a hearing test and install hearing aids promptly. Once you wear the appropriate hearing aids, your auditory pathways are restored, and the brain regains the ability to process sounds.

Relearning to Listen

If you delay getting hearing aids, even they can't convert input signals into something the brain can understand. This means the brain can't recognize everyday speech and noise, such as the refrigerator's hum or household conversations. The brain has to listen repeatedly to gradually re-identify these sounds.

Therefore, Chosgo recommends that if you suspect you have hearing loss, make sure to visit the appropriate hearing institution for a comprehensive hearing check. If the hearing test confirms you indeed have hearing loss, it's crucial to select hearing aids promptly!

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