Many individuals with hearing loss encounter frustrating questions shortly after receiving their Chosgo hearing aids:

  • "I'm still not hearing well; is there something wrong with my hearing aids?"
  • "My hearing still doesn't match what I used to have, and I feel disheartened."

Just like when you first put on a new pair of eyeglasses and need some time to get used to the world around you, wearing hearing aids also comes with an adaptation period. In fact, it might be more complex than adjusting to new eyeglasses.

How to Approach the Adaptation Period of Chosgo Hearing Aids

After initially wearing hearing aids, it's challenging to immediately sync with them because most people with hearing loss have grown accustomed to a blurry sound world. Here are a few key points to give you a basic understanding of the adaptation period:

🟡 The adaptation period varies from a few weeks to several months, depending on the individual. You need some time to rebuild your auditory memory and gradually get used to wearing hearing aids.

🟡 Understand one fact: no matter how great the hearing aids are, they can't replace your natural ears. Once you've been fitted with hearing aids, you must learn to embrace the new sounds they bring.

🟡 Engage in active communication with your audiologist, set achievable hearing goals during the adaptation period, and provide constructive feedback.

Three Progressive Goals for Adapting to Chosgo Hearing Aids

🟡 Develop Good Habits for Wearing Hearing Aids

First, wearing something new every day necessitates mastering the correct way to put them on and caring for them with attention to detail. Furthermore, it's natural to feel uncomfortable with something new in your ears; be patient and give yourself time to adapt.

📌 When putting on or taking off your hearing aids, try to sit on a soft surface, like a sofa or the edge of your bed, to prevent them from falling on a hard surface.

📌 Consistently wear your hearing aids, but if you experience fatigue or discomfort, take breaks by removing them, gradually increasing your daily wear time.

🟡 Acclimate to the New Sounds of Chosgo Hearing Aids

With advancements in technology, hearing aids have become increasingly natural-sounding. After putting on your hearing aids, many "new" sounds that were lost may return. It's advisable to start adapting to listening in relatively simple environments before progressing to noisy surroundings.

📌 Initially, avoid setting the hearing aid volume too high.

📌 Regularly visit your audiologist, provide timely feedback on your listening experience, and help them fine-tune your hearing aids to better suit your needs.

📌 Adapting takes time, and in general, two adjustment sessions shouldn't be less than a week apart.

🟡 Exercise Your Brain's Speech Comprehension

For individuals with long-term hearing loss, even when they can hear new sounds with hearing aids, they might not necessarily understand them. This requires gradual auditory training to help the brain regain lost comprehension skills.

📌 Engage in conversations with family members, practice reading aloud, experience and learn word pronunciation to regain semantic understanding and maximize the potential of your hearing aids.

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