To ensure your Chosgo hearing aids, like the SmartU Rechargeable Hearing Aids and our Cic Rechargeable Hearing Aids, continue to serve you well, we'd like to share some tips on how to correctly use and maintain the built-in lithium batteries.

Fully Charge Before First Use

When you receive your new Chosgo hearing aids, it's essential to charge them fully before initial use. This is because hearing aids don't come with a full charge from the factory to ensure their safety during transportation.

Storage Tips for Short Periods

If you find yourself not using your hearing aids for a few days, it's a good practice to charge them up and then follow these steps for storage:

🔴 For hearing aids with buttons, power them down completely using the buttons on the device.

🔴 For buttonless hearing aids, place them in their respective charging cases and turn them off by pressing the button in the middle of the case.

Long-Term Storage Guidelines

If you anticipate not using your hearing aids for several months or even longer, consult your audiologist to set them in "Long-Term Storage Mode." Afterward, charge your hearing aids to full capacity and follow the same shutdown steps mentioned in step 2.

⚠️ Important: Remember to take your hearing aids out and recharge them every six months to prevent a "dead" battery caused by deep discharge.

Lastly, store your devices in a cool, dry environment.

Tips for Everyday Use

🔴 Lithium batteries do not have memory effects. You don't need to charge them to the maximum or wait until they are nearly depleted. Instead, unplug the charger when the charging indicator shows it's full. Light charging and discharging cycles help extend the battery's lifespan. We recommend charging daily.

🔴 Avoid wearing your hearing aids in temperatures exceeding 50°C (122°F) or charging them in high-temperature conditions. Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can also affect battery life. Please try to prevent these scenarios.

🔴 Use only the provided charger to prevent overcharging.

🔴 While regular charging is recommended for everyday use, fast charging can be employed during emergencies when you need a quick power boost.

In summary, by following these tips for the use and maintenance of your Chosgo hearing aids' lithium batteries, you can extend their lifespan and enjoy crystal-clear sound for years to come! Visit our website here for a wide range of Chosgo hearing aids, including our specific product, the SmartU Rechargeable Hearing Aids, and explore our Cic Rechargeable Hearing Aids category.