Hearing aid tubes can undergo aging and hardening over time, posing a challenge for users. Caring for your hearing aid, a precision electronic device, is crucial to maintaining its optimal performance and enhancing your overall listening experience. Regular maintenance is key to achieving these goals.

You may be familiar with Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids, which use a tube to connect the casing and ear mold. Despite the small size of this tube, it plays a significant role in channeling amplified sounds into the ear canal, contributing to the effectiveness of the hearing aid.

The thickness of the hearing aid tube can influence the acoustic properties of sound transmission, impacting comfort and effectiveness. Choosing the right tube depends on individual hearing and physical conditions.

Hearing aid tubes are consumables and are prone to aging, yellowing, and hardening over time. Failure to replace them promptly can lead to sound leakage and the hearing aid detaching. We recommend visiting a Chosgo Hearing store or an authorized fitting center for replacements, typically every three to six months.

If you notice yellowing, a quick disinfection method involves using a cotton swab with a small amount of alcohol. After cleaning, place the tube in an electronic drying unit for optimal results.

Regular visits to a fitting center for hearing aid maintenance are crucial. Audiologists will clean surface dirt, tubes, and ear molds, addressing any moisture-related issues in the device. If aging or hardening is detected in the tubes, they will proactively assist in replacement.

Why do hearing aid tubes age, yellow, and harden?

Prolonged use of hearing aids exposes them to moisture and sweat in the air, leading to gradual erosion of tubes and ear molds. This can impact the effectiveness and lifespan of the hearing aid. Regular maintenance is essential, and timely replacement of aging, yellowed, hardened, or cracked tubes and molds is recommended.

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