Hearing aids often come with confusing English abbreviations or letters that leave many users scratching their heads, wondering what they mean. So, what do these symbols stand for?

Today, let's dive into a brief overview of some common English labels related to hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Classification Labels

  • BTE: Behind-the-ear hearing aid, an abbreviation for "Behind the ear."
  • RIE: Receiver in ear hearing aid, also known as RIC (Receiver in the canal). This is what audiologists often refer to as a "Rick machine."
  • ITE: In-the-ear hearing aid, abbreviated as "In the ear," and can specifically refer to the concha style.
  • ITC: In-the-canal hearing aid, abbreviated as "In the canal."
  • CIC: Complete in-the-canal hearing aid, an abbreviation for "Complete in the canal," known for its high concealment.
  • IIC: Invisible in-the-canal hearing aid, the most discreet and compact type that is almost invisible when worn.

Hearing Aid Feature Labels

When choosing a hearing aid, have you noticed some letters after the model? For example, D, R, W, or C?

These letters actually indicate the specific features of the hearing aid.

  • D: Direction, indicating the hearing aid has directional functionality.
  • H: High power.
  • R: Indicates that the hearing aid is an RIE model (some models explicitly state this).
  • W: Wireless, signifying the hearing aid has wireless functionality.
  • C: Rechargeable, indicating the hearing aid is rechargeable.
  • T: Telecoil functionality.

Receiver Power Labels

Concerning receivers, they can be categorized into UP/HP/MP/LP based on power.

Here, P stands for Power.

  • UP: Ultra Power, the highest power receiver.
  • HP: High Power, slightly lower power than UP.
  • MP: Medium Power, generally suitable for hearing loss less than 100dB.
  • LP: Low Power, suitable for mild or moderate hearing loss.

On the hearing aid body or inside the battery compartment, you may find the specific model of the product. Different models may have this information in different locations.

Many hearing aids, especially in-ear devices, look very similar. Therefore, we can use these English labels to quickly identify their product features.

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