In the auditory realm, Eargo emerges as a trailblazing artisan of diminutive auditory devices, disrupting the traditional soundscape. 2015 marked the inaugural symphony of Eargo's direct-to-consumer foray into the symphony of hearing aids. A neophyte in the auditory orchestration, Eargo swiftly etches its signature as a virtuoso in minuscule hearing aid technology.

The luminary behind this auditory revolution is Florent Michel, an otolaryngologist weaving innovation into the fabric of hearing solutions. Eargo's overture to the auditory landscape transcends convention. Founded with a crescendo of vision, the company harmonizes discreetness, functionality, and rechargeability in a symphony available at the fingertips of consumers through the digital expanse, eschewing the need for a clinic pilgrimage.

The siren call of affordability echoes through Eargo's ethos, yet, the financial cadence unveils a different composition. Priced between the sonorous brackets of $1,850 and $2,950 per pair, these auditory marvels defy the moniker of "inexpensive." Instead, they waltz in tandem with the financial notes one encounters when engaging with an audiologist for bespoke, custom-fitted auditory accompaniments.

Hearing aids have become an indispensable aid for those grappling with hearing impairment, and as the market expands, choosing the right product is crucial. Eargo stands out as a prominent player, offering a range of hearing aids. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the details of Eargo's offerings, evaluate their prices, and present a compelling alternative that competes on both functionality and affordability.

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  • Final Thoughts on Eargo and SmartU

Eargo Design and Technology Features

Eargo's hearing aid technology pivots distinctly on the axis of "discreetness," exemplified in all three of their avant-garde models—Neo HiFi, Neo, and Max—each flaunting an imperceptible in-the-ear configuration.

The visual panorama of Eargo unveils three distinctive attributes:

  • Cloaked in Darkness: The Eargos cloak themselves in obsidian sophistication, mirroring the inherent shadows of the ear canal. This chromatic choice meticulously attenuates visibility, rendering the auditory augmentation seamlessly inconspicuous.
  • Mimicking the Enigmatic Lure: In a stroke of design ingenuity, Eargo's creative minds drew inspiration from the enigmatic allure of a fishing lure. The pièce de résistance is the "prickly" silicone ear insert, christened either "Flexi Fibers" or "Flexi Palms," contingent on the device's stylistic rendition. This revolutionary design orchestrates a suspension of the hearing aid within the ear canal's epicenter, eschewing an hermetic seal. A breathability symphony ensues, preventing the disconcerting metamorphosis of your own voice during verbal articulation.
  • Dexterous Extraction with a Tug: An unambiguous pull-cord, an epitome of dexterous simplicity, awaits your beckon for the effortless extrication of the auditory marvel from its earthen abode.

Eargo stands as a paragon of distinctiveness within the realm of hearing aids, boasting physical design elements that transcend the mundane. In stark contrast to the ubiquitous invisible-in-the-ear models saturating the market, Eargo emerges as a singular entity. These meticulously crafted design facets serve a dual purpose – not only do they bestow an unparalleled uniqueness upon Eargo, but they also constitute astute enhancements.

These enhancements, strategically conceived, orchestrate a symphony of benefits. Firstly, they orchestrate a visual subtlety that sets Eargo apart, rendering the hearing aid less conspicuous amidst its counterparts. Secondly, a masterstroke in engineering is witnessed through the attenuation of own-voice distortion, thereby elevating the auditory experience to unprecedented heights. Thirdly, the ergonomic brilliance shines through, rendering the removal of the hearing aid an effortless affair.

In essence, Eargo's physical design is not merely a superficial flourish; it is a testament to innovation, a marriage of aesthetics and functionality that propels it to the zenith of excellence in the realm of hearing solutions.

Eargo Sound Amplification Profiles:

Eargo adopts a simplistic, one-size-fits-all paradigm in sound amplification, restricting fine-tuning options beyond basic adjustments to bass and treble. Customization of program settings tailored to your distinct hearing loss profile is an uncharted territory with Eargo.

Rather than granting you the freedom to personalize your hearing aid settings, Eargos present a repertoire of four preconfigured "sound amplification programs" for your perusal. These programs essentially function as volume controls, incrementally cranking up the auditory experience. Once you finalize your preferred volume settings, pruning unused programs from your repertoire becomes an option.

In lieu of the discarded amplification programs, Eargo's support has the capability to remotely install alternative sound profiles, offering a spectrum of functionalities:

  • Feedback Reduction Setting: This feature tackles the nuisance of high-pitched squeals, potentially diminishing the extent of sound amplification provided by the hearing aid.

  • Flat Response Setting: Amplifying all sound frequencies uniformly, the flat response setting is a hallmark of Eargo's approach to sound amplification.

  • Background Noise Reduction Setting: Designed to mitigate ambient noise, this setting accentuates voice sounds in cacophonous environments.

  • Mute Setting: A straightforward switch that toggles the hearing aid amplification off.

Navigating through the sound amplification profiles necessitates a tap on the side of your ear. While ostensibly convenient, the act of smacking one's ear to make adjustments might prove wearisome for certain users.

Given their circumscribed customization capabilities, Eargo hearing aids find resonance with individuals grappling with mild to severe hearing loss. However, those contending with profound hearing loss would find Eargo's auditory offerings unsuitable.

Eargo Smartphone App:

Eargo hearing aids boast an integrated smartphone app, a digital haven offering a repository of frequently posed queries, instructional videos, user manuals, and an emporium where one can procure an array of Eargo products, components, and accoutrements. The app, a technological marvel, grants the power to expunge up to three of the four sonic augmentation profiles imbued within the hearing aids, streamlining the auditory experience by mitigating the need to sift through an excess of profiles during usage. A triumphant finale manifests as the app's capability to initiate a telephonic discourse with Eargo's customer support, facilitating remote adjustments to the hearing aids.

Regrettably, the purview of Eargo's customer support does not extend to meticulous fine-tuning tailored to your distinct auditory landscape. Alas, their expertise is confined to the substitution of deleted sound profiles with alternatives elucidated in the conclusive section.

In juxtaposition to counterparts in the auditory augmentation realm, the Eargo app exhibits notable omissions in functionality:

  • Connection eludes the app while the hearing aids adorn your ears, establishing a link solely within the confines of the charging station.
  • The app, regrettably, relinquishes the capacity to effectuate settings modifications while the hearing aids grace your auditory faculties.
  • Streaming auditory stimuli from your mobile device or any external source into Eargo hearing aids remains an unattainable feat.

Eargo Rechargeable Batteries:

Eargo hearing aid models stand as paragons of recharging prowess. As per the sanctum of Eargo's digital abode, a solitary infusion of vitality bestows upon these auricular marvels an endurance span of roughly 16 hours. Moreover, the custodians of auditory enlightenment at Eargo grace users with a pocketable sanctum – the charging case, an elixir that can sustain the vibrancy of your auditory companions for a quintet of solar rotations.

In a grand finale of technological symphony, the Eargo Neo models unveil a "quick-charge" legerdemain. Behold, mere mortals, for a mere half-hour investment in charging these auricular titans yields a symphony of sound that resonates for a fleeting but sublime 2 to 3 hours.

Eargo Models and Pricing

Eargo proudly showcases a triumvirate of models available for purchase on its digital domain. The trinity of auditory marvels assumes the guise of "invisible-in-the-ear" hearing aids, seamlessly infiltrating the ear canal with a discreet efficacy. Operating as an unwavering bastion of direct-to-consumer prowess, patrons seamlessly procure these auditory companions via the vast expanse of the internet, circumventing the traditional pilgrimage to an audiologist or hearing clinic.

Now, let us delve into the distinctive attributes of each avant-garde model:

Eargo Max:

Eargo introduces the Max as their inaugural foray into the realm of hearing aids, a testament to advanced acoustics and noise abatement for heightened auditory gain and volume. According to Eargo's narrative, these auditory marvels not only amplify speech but also adeptly diminish ambient clamor, crafting an auditory haven in tumultuous environments.

Amid the foundational structure of this Eargo model lies a peculiar vulnerability – the charging points, nestled amidst harsher contours, are predisposed to entanglement with earwax. Vigilant and methodical cleaning rituals emerge as imperative guardians to ensure the unimpeded functionality of these vital battery connections.

Distinguishing itself with silicon "Flexi Fibers," the Max endeavors to secure its position within the aural confines while accommodating basal and self-generated sounds. Yet, it's imperative to acknowledge that the comfort bestowed by these Flexi Fibers pales in comparison to the opulence afforded by the "Flexi Palms" adorning the Neo models. The auditory experience is further tailored through the incorporation of four distinct "sound profiles," essentially nuanced volume settings that gracefully modulate auditory intensity across four discernible tiers.

A symphony for the ears, the Eargo Max commands a price tag of $1,850.00 for a harmonious pair, transcending mere hearing aids to redefine the auditory landscape.

Eargo Neo:

Elevating auditory experiences to unprecedented heights, the Eargo Neo transcends its predecessor, the Max, with a quantum leap in technological prowess. As asserted by the manufacturer, the Eargo Neo stands as a paragon of cutting-edge innovation, boasting superior noise reduction, enhanced feedback cancellation, and an augmented stable gain. This auditory marvel, a symphony of engineering precision, heralds a new era in hearing aid sophistication.

Much like its progenitor, the Neo unveils a quartet of distinctive "sound profiles," intricate calibrations orchestrating a crescendo of amplification across four distinct echelons. A harmonious blend of technology and design, this auditory masterpiece caters to a spectrum of preferences, rendering an auditory panorama tailored to individual proclivities.

Noteworthy is the Neo's refined exterior, presenting a velvety sheen that not only epitomizes elegance but also facilitates effortless maintenance. This smoother finish stands as a bulwark against the encroachment of earwax, safeguarding the sanctity of battery contacts from potential interference. Practicality marries aesthetics in this auditory marvel.

A testament to ergonomic evolution, the Neo introduces silicon "Flexi Palms" to the auditory stage, eclipsing the erstwhile "Flexi Fiber" design. These adaptive appendages not only cradle the hearing aid with a sublime comfort but also circumvent the formation of an hermetic seal. Consequently, the ingress of base sounds and the resonance of one's own voice remains an unobtrusive companion to the auditory experience.

This pinnacle of auditory finesse, the Eargo Neo, commands a price befitting its exalted stature—$2,350 for a pair. In this realm of acoustic opulence, each unit embodies a synthesis of technological wizardry and ergonomic ingenuity, heralding a symphony of auditory excellence for those who seek nothing but the acme of hearing innovation.

Eargo Neo HiFi:

Unveiling the pinnacle of auditory sophistication, the Eargo Neo HiFi stands as the vanguard in Eargo's auditory arsenal, boasting an unparalleled fusion of cutting-edge sound technology. Crafted to satiate the discerning tastes of even the most fastidious audiophiles, this auditory marvel promises a transcendent "surround sound" experience.

As heralded by the ingenious minds behind its creation, the Eargo Neo HiFi encapsulates the epitome of sonic excellence. A bastion of technological prowess, it integrates Eargo's premier noise reduction and feedback cancellation technologies, elevating the auditory journey to sublime heights. Augmented by an infusion of stable gain, this auditory virtuoso orchestrates an immersive symphony tailored to captivate the most discriminating ears.

The Neo HiFi, a sibling to the acclaimed Eargo Neo, embraces the same sleek and polished body design. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this design choice serves a practical purpose, facilitating effortless maintenance to ward off the encroachment of earwax that could compromise the integrity of the rechargeable battery contacts.

Distinguishing itself in the realm of comfort, the HiFi introduces "Flexi Palms" as a superior alternative to the conventional "Flexi Fibers." This ergonomic ingenuity not only enhances comfort within the ear but also ensures an unimpeded influx of base tones and the user's own voice, rendering an auditory experience that transcends mere functionality.

Elevating auditory excellence comes at a price, and for the privilege of indulging in the auditory opulence of the Eargo Neo HiFi, one must be prepared to part with $2,950 for a pair. A sonic investment, transcending the mundane, and embracing a world where each note is an ode to acoustic perfection.

Eargo Customer Reviews

Surveying the vast expanse of the internet, our quest delved into the sentiments of authentic Eargo patrons regarding their encounters with Eargo's auditory devices. Behold, a compendium of the most illuminating customer narratives we unearthed:

Critical User Reviews

I just bought these hearing aids July 2023 now the left hearing aid is not working and when I called today and talked to a lady she said she was going to send me some putty I couldnt believe my ears she says to put the hearing aids in the putty 3 or 4 times squishing the putty around the hearing aids I have never heard such a thing I know Eargo should be ashamed of theirselves charging me $2,500.00 and Im on a fixed income telling me to stick these expensive hearing aids in putty wow no I want to cancel hhis autopay every month anyone know the best way to do this ? – Reviewer on Better Business Bureau

There is much to like about Eargo devices. The form factor is comfortable and discrete. Programs are convenient. The SmartPhone app is finicky to get started but once you get it running it's pretty good. Customer service is good as is the Warranty prolicy. I started with the Neo HiFi, upgraded to Eargo 5, and again to Eargo 6. After about a year, both the Eargo 5s and 6s had battery problems. Each time, running the required diagnostics and then time to ship replacements, I was without hearing aids for 10-days to 2-weeks. My Eargo 6 devices have been replaced twice, most recently one month ago. Today when I tried to use them, they wouldn't turn on. Thankfully, the last time I had Eargo problems I bought the Sony CRE-E10 devices. They're not quite as comfortable as my Eargos but the phone app works well and they actually sound better than the Eargos. (My classical guitars sound terrible while wearing Eargos and it ain't my playing.) Needless to say, I won't be upgrading to Eargo 7 anytime soon!

I have also had battery problems. Mine last about 4 hours now. I had them replaced once, but I am not going to pay a lot money again for hearing aids with bad batteries that cannot be replaced. – Reviewer on reviews from WIRED

Positive User Reviews

My Eargo hearing aids are the best hearing aids I have had, and I have had a few. Their customer support is outstanding. If you're in need of new hearing aids or replacing old ones, I recommend you try Eargo’s, I guarantee you you will not be disappointed. Eargo, keep up the good work. - Jon C on ConsumerAffairs (Read the full review here)

Plain and simple, at 73 these things are amazing! After spending an enormous amount of money on some big brand behind the ear aids that I returned but NOT these. What a difference. Immediately changed my hearing world. Very easy to set up, nice package AND rechargeable. THAT seniors saves endless batteries that I was forever putting in my parents hearing aids or buying them at the drug store. Rechargeable is a game changer all on its own. Did I mention I like these hearing aids. - Thomas F on ConsumerAffairs (Read the full review here)

An Affordable Eargo Alternative: SmartU

Because SmartU is a fellow direct-to-consumer hearing aid brand – as well as the leading competitor of Eargo – the SmartU team was particularly interested in seeing how Eargo and SmartU compare.

Similarities of Eargo vs. SmartU:

Here’s what Eargo and SmartU have in common:

  • FDA-Registered and CE-Registered: Both SmartU and Eargo are FDA-registered hearing aids. In addition, SmartU has CE-Registered, which means they are medical-grade hearing aids designed to effectively treat hearing loss conditions.
  • No Office Visit Required: Both hearing aid brands empower hearing loss patients to treat their hearing loss conditions without visiting an audiologist or hearing clinic. Both manufacturers allow you to order hearing aids from home over the internet and set them up with assistance from a phone-based hearing aid specialist.
  • Almost the smallest CIC hearing aid on the market - smaller equipment.

Differences Between Eargo vs. SmartU:

Here's what we found makes SmartU and Eargo different:

Fine-Tuning and Digital processing:
Eargo hearing aids only feature four preset volume level settings and the ability to adjust bass and treble. These generic programs mean that Eargo users cannot customize the hearing aids to their unique needs.

Employing cutting-edge sound processing technology, SmartU elevates both speech clarity and amplification of auditory input to unparalleled levels. This avant-garde solution harnesses state-of-the-art methodologies to augment the auditory experience. Pioneering in its approach, SmartU redefines the landscape of sound enhancement, setting a new standard for technological sophistication in speech and hearing augmentation.

Volume Control:

Eargo hearing aids lack the nuanced volume control found in SmartU products. The limitation of only four preset volume levels is a notable drawback, particularly in environments demanding more precise adjustments. Picture yourself in a bustling restaurant – the presets might not cater to your desire for a quieter experience. If the volume persists as an issue, your sole recourse is stashing the hearing aids in your pocket, disrupting the flow of your auditory experience. Similarly, if the day's fatigue sets in, craving a boost in conversation volume becomes an impractical wish with Eargo.

Contrastingly, SmartU elevates your control over auditory nuances. Our suite of products empowers users with the flexibility to finely tune the volume to their exact preferences. Adapting to the ebb and flow of the day is seamless; effortlessly modify the volume to align with different situations and needs. SmartU, where precision meets adaptability.

Appearance Design:

Eargo hearing aids boast an "in-the-ear" design, seamlessly slipping into the ear canal for a discreet profile. While this grants them invisibility, it also leaves their sensitive microphone ports and battery charging points vulnerable to the encroachment of earwax and moisture. To maintain optimal functionality, meticulous and regular cleaning becomes imperative. The need for service arises when the microphone ports succumb to the obstruction caused by wax accumulation.

SmartU presents a diminutive aesthetic paradigm, epitomizing elegance in hearing aid design. Unrivaled in its singularity, this miniaturized device redefines discreetness, nestling almost imperceptibly within the ear canal. Its inconspicuous presence ensures unparalleled comfort, rendering it virtually indiscernible to the wearer. The subtlety of its form eludes external scrutiny, as it becomes a seamless extension of your auditory experience—a clandestine companion in the symphony of sound.

Intelligent Adjustments:

Eargo models rely on an “ear tap” feature to cycle through its pre-set volume levels while you’re wearing them. The Eargo smartphone app does NOT allow you to change settings while you’re wearing and using your hearing aids. To access your Eargo hearing aids with the smartphone app, you have to physically insert the hearing aids into the charging station. There is no direct communication between Eargo hearing aids and the app; it all happens through the charging station.
The SmartU Rechargeable OTC Hearing Aids employ the innovative approach of utilizing your palm to envelop the entirety of your outer ear. A simple double tap seamlessly transitions you to the next hearing program, presenting a user-friendly and efficient control mechanism. With an array of six distinct programs at your disposal, the device empowers you to effortlessly tailor your auditory experience, facilitating seamless engagement in conversations across varied occasions.


Within this expansive classification, Eargo's hearing aids command a significant presence. Priced between $1,850 and $2,950 per pair, they reside within the same economic echelon as acquiring a set of bespoke, meticulously calibrated hearing aids from select auditory clinics—tailored precisely to match your unique auditory deficiencies.

The allure of Eargo lies not just in its auditory prowess but also in the realm of "tiny tech" and its quasi-invisible stature. This characteristic, undoubtedly, serves as a compelling selling proposition for numerous individuals grappling with hearing impairment. Yet, it is imperative to deliberate on the fundamental motivation behind the acquisition of hearing aids: the earnest desire for the most efficacious treatment to ameliorate one's auditory deficits.

As an alternative to Eargo, SmartU offers a compelling option for individuals seeking affordable yet high-quality hearing aids. Priced competitively and available at SmartU's official website, this product boasts several features that make it a strong contender in the market.

In comparison to Eargo, With competitive pricing and a 45-day trial period, SmartU offers a compelling alternative for those seeking quality hearing aids without the premium price tag.

SmartU Features:

  • Smallest CIC hearing aids on the market
  • OTC/FDA Registered Hearing Aids (Pair)
  • Excellent sound quality-natural & wonderful hearing experience
  • 6 program settings ,16 channels and 10 sound levels.
  • Double tapping the earphones to switch programmer
  • One button easy adjust sound levels
  • Auto noise management - reduce distracting background sounds
  • Rechargeable, no more batteries - saves you money.
  • Dual microphones for for better directionality
  • Small Portable (Re)Charging Case - up to 22 hours battery life
  • Rechargeable OTC Hearing Aids for Seniors.
  • Competitive pricing, making it a cost-effective alternative.
  • Emphasis on user-friendly features and advanced technology.
  • Price: $700 per pair

Why SmartU is the Sensible Choice:

1. Affordability:
SmartU provides a cost-effective solution without compromising on technology or quality. At just $700 per pair, it stands as a beacon of affordability in the hearing aid market.
2.Smaller Appearance Design
The unique, only and smallest mini hearing aid, it is almost invisible in your ear canal, so comfortable that you can't even notice it. No one else can detect its existence.
3.Easy to operate

  • 6 programs: Use your palm to cover your whole outer ear, double tap to switch to next hearing program.
  • 10 volume levels: Click a button to toggle volume levels.

4.Digital processing
Using the most advanced sound processing technology to enhance speech and hearing gain.
5.After-sales guarantee
45 days money back guarantee if you're not satisfied. Make you without worries, we not only do sales, but also hope to provide you with a full range of services and guarantees in an acceptable price range. Enjoy the best shopping experience.

Final Thoughts on Eargo and SmartU

While Eargo Hearing Aids may have garnered attention for their innovative design and technology, the SmartU from Chosgo hearing emerges as a compelling alternative. Balancing advanced features with affordability, it stands as a testament to the commitment to providing accessible solutions for those seeking improved hearing.

In the realm of cic hearing aids, the SmartU challenges the status quo, proving that exceptional quality doesn't have to come at an exorbitant price. Visit Chosgo hearing for more information about SmartU hearing aids, including the Rechargeable Hearing Aids, CIC hearing aids, and Best otc hearing aids. and take a step towards a world of clearer, more affordable hearing.As technology continues to advance, consumers are empowered with a range of options to make informed decisions about their hearing health.