Hearing loss can occur due to various reasons, both internal and external. It is important to avoid the following six causes to prevent hearing loss.

1. Everyday Noise

Daily exposure to noise should not exceed 85 decibels, which is equivalent to the noise level on a busy road. To prevent hearing damage, it is recommended to use the lowest setting when blow-drying hair and wear earplugs. When using juicers, blenders, or coffee grinders, placing a clean cloth or towel underneath can help reduce noise. Earplugs should be worn while using lawnmowers. When listening to MP3 players, keep the volume low and limit usage to a maximum of one hour per day.

2. Environmental Noise

Activities such as concerts, fireworks, and sports events produce loud noises that can potentially cause damage to the auditory nerves. It is advisable to be prepared and wear earplugs when attending such events.

3. Chronic Diseases
Chronic conditions like hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes increase the risk of hearing loss. Patients should closely monitor their health conditions and take necessary precautions. Diabetic patients should actively control blood pressure, maintain normal insulin levels, and take prescribed medications to prevent hearing damage.
4. Ear Cleaning
Excessive earwax buildup can block the ear canal, leading to temporary hearing loss. Frequent cleaning of the ears with tools like cotton swabs, hairpins, or matchsticks can be harmful. The ears have a self-cleaning mechanism, and earwax naturally falls off.
5. Allergies
Nasal congestion caused by colds or allergies can lead to temporary hearing loss due to blocked Eustachian tubes. Seeking medical attention and receiving appropriate allergy medication can help control swelling in the middle ear.
6. Ignoring Symptoms like Tinnitus
Some patients tend to overlook symptoms of hearing impairment and delay seeking medical treatment. It is important to seek medical attention immediately upon experiencing symptoms like tinnitus. Tinnitus could be an initial sign of a serious condition and should not be taken lightly.

Preventing Hearing Loss

Noise Protection: Avoid or minimize exposure to loud noises from machinery, workshops, and noisy environments. Prolonged exposure to such noises can cause a decrease in blood supply to the inner ear, leading to hearing loss.

Maintain a Positive Mental State: Being in a constant state of agitation or anger can disrupt the normal regulation of the inner ear, causing ischemia, swelling, and auditory disorders. It is important to maintain a relaxed and positive mindset.

Ear Massage: Massaging the ears can improve blood circulation in the inner ear and protect hearing. It is recommended to massage the ears for 5-10 minutes twice a day for long-term benefits.

Medication Awareness: Avoid using ototoxic drugs such as streptomycin, neomycin, kanamycin, and gentamicin as they can damage hearing. This is especially important for patients with sensorineural hearing loss.

Avoid Excessive Ear Cleaning: Regularly using cotton swabs or matchsticks to clean the ears can cause injuries, infections, inflammation, and damage to the eardrum. If the ear feels itchy, gently wiping the ear canal with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or glycerin can provide relief. Additionally, taking vitamin B, C, and fish oil supplements may be beneficial.

Limit Headphone Usage: When using headphones with devices like MP3 players or watching videos on portable devices (MP4/MP5), avoid setting the volume too high and limit usage time. Prolonged and excessive use can lead to hearing loss. If extended usage is necessary, consider using speakers instead of headphones.

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