Winter easily leads to the accumulation of static electricity, such as the crackling sound when removing a sweater, which I'm sure everyone is familiar with. But beware, this can potentially damage your hearing aids!

Effects of Static Electricity on Hearing Aids

Although static electricity is common in daily life, and many hearing aids have anti-static features, it's important to note that a significant buildup of static electricity can damage hearing aids. This may result in malfunctions such as automatic shutdown or even damage to internal components.

Winter and Static Electricity

Here are a few solutions

▪️ Before putting on or taking off clothes, especially synthetic sweaters, remember to remove your hearing aids.

▪️ Before handling your hearing aids, touch a wall to discharge static electricity, and then pick up your hearing aids.

▪️ You can also apply a bit of hand cream to avoid generating static electricity when in contact with the hearing aids.

Static electricity is quite common, and often we tend to overlook it with a smile. However, it's crucial to remind everyone not to underestimate its potential negative impact on hearing aids. Let's take extra care of our beloved devices.

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