For many years, the elderly have struggled with hearing impairment. Is it still worthwhile to use hearing aids now? Generally, as long as there is residual hearing in the elderly – for instance, if they can hear and react when spoken to near their ears – wearing hearing aids typically yields some positive effects. However, it's essential to note that effectiveness doesn't equate to restoring normal hearing. The success of hearing aid usage for the elderly depends on several factors following their initial adoption.

Reasons for Hearing Loss:

  • Hearing aids are quite effective for conductive hearing loss. However, if the issues lie in the auditory nerve or central nervous system, the rehabilitation outcomes may be affected. Generally, recovery from conductive hearing loss is better than that from mixed or sensorineural hearing loss.

Duration of Hearing Loss:

  • If hearing loss persists for an extended period without effective intervention, achieving substantial rehabilitation results requires more time and effort. It's crucial to detect hearing loss early for timely intervention.

Degree of Hearing Loss:

  • Mild hearing loss may occasionally cause difficulties in daily communication, especially with faint sounds. In such cases, hearing aids can be used as needed. For severe and higher degrees of hearing loss, prompt adoption of hearing aids is recommended, as daily life is already being impacted. Pay attention to hearing issues even in the early stages and don't wait until the hearing loss becomes severe.

Attitude Towards Rehabilitation:

  • A positive, optimistic, and proactive attitude towards rehabilitation yields better results. Adapting patiently, consistently wearing hearing aids, focusing on maintenance, and participating in auditory language rehabilitation training are essential for achieving satisfactory listening outcomes. In more severe cases, high-power hearing aids are a priority, and initial adaptation to hearing aids may take a bit longer.

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