What does freedom mean to you?
Using all of my abilities, and overcoming the fear of my disability.
Being differently abled is not the same as being different. It helps me enhance my abilities to do a lot more.
Wearing a hearing aid helps me enhance my capabilities, eliminating the state of disability.
Wearing a hearing aid assists with hearing loss, which reduces any perception of disability because they are worn to avoid worsening hearing impairments.

On International Disability Day, Chosgo celebrates the power of the human spirit to overcome any obstacle.
This year our focus is on the need for innovative solutions to help create an inclusive developmental model to aid people with disabilities. free hearing aids for seniors in Canada.
“Transformative solutions for inclusive development: the role of innovation in fuelling an accessible and equitable world“.

Now that Christmas is approaching, Chosgo is willing to take out 10-30pcs K419R($242) or K19($149)Products and give free trials to people from poor families. We only draw these lucky customers from our followers. Every 2 weeks, we will announce our lucky customers in the group. Please get in touch with us and provide your harvesting address.
FB group: Chosgo hearing aids
OR YOU CAN EMAIL TO US ON THE office website: https://chosgohearing.com
The website has many different types of hearing aids, and low cost hearing aids for seniors.

Chosgo is a company from China that specializes in R&D and the production of hearing aid products. We have been doing OEM for many well-known brands. This year we began to sell our own products directly to customers because they are directly sold by R&D and production factories. There is no middleman, so our products can be provided to those who need hearing aids at the lowest price so that hearing aids can be affordable for all hearing loss people.